Image Guidelines

To ensure our team of designers can provide you with the highest quality design, it is important that the photo you upload meets our criteria. Let's take you through the required specifications.

1. Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of a photograph. Therefore we ask that the photo you submit has been taken in daylight or a well lit room. 

2. The photo you submit should be high resolution and not blurry in any way. We recommend that a smartphone or a professional camera has been used to capture your chosen photo. 

3. We ask that you avoid using photos with filters. However this is not crucial as in most cases we can still make it work. 

4. Our designs are head to shoulder / head to chest. Therefore we ask that the photo you submit clearly shows these parts of the body in a good light. 

If you have any questions about the photo you are planning to submit, then please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Below you will see an example of a good photo and also a bad photo which would not meet our requirements. 


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  • Facing camera 
  • Great lighting
  • Face & neck are clearly visible